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We did it!!!!!! Our virtual fundraisers helped Islah LA to reach it's goal of $100,000 in 30 days! More on Islah LA: Islah LA is one of the first of its kind in the United States – an inner-city community center founded by Muslim-Americans to serve South Los Angeles, California. Islah LA is poised to start a new wave of civic engagement within the Muslim-American community. As its primary focus is service, it allows Muslims from diverse backgrounds to have a space where they can engage in their community. The goal of Islah LA is service to the greater community and to provide and inclusive community space for key social services to the surrounding areas. That is why we chose the Arabic word, “Islah”, because of its meaning to renew, revive, and restore. The funds will go to many initiatives of Islah, which include their supportive housing program and food pantry. In April of 2019, Los Angeles County reported that there has been a 12% increase in homelessness, bringing the homeless rate to over 59,000 individuals in LA county alone. To help combat the numbers of this crisis, Islah LA opened four homes dedicated to providing supportive housing to the community of South Los Angeles. Islah LA has been able to help provide a safe and affordable place for individuals who would fall into homelessness. Islah LA's weekly food pantry services the local neighborhood of 90043 and surrounding areas. The Islah LA food pantry has been able to grow into a reliable source of fresh, healthy foods and has been funded to hire employees to help handle proper management of the pantry. A special thank you to all the Donor Heroes that donated during the multiple virtual events presented by Halalywood Foundation and Islah LA during Ramadan 2020. Your donations will truly make a difference in serving our community!!!

Scholarship and art collide on this Ramadan Night of remembrance. Halalywood Foundation celebrates the "scholar in the artist". 18 Award-winning, world-renowned, spoken word artists and musicians come together to share their works that were inspired by the Holy Qur'an. This artistic testimonial of faith will move you like no other. An inside look at what inspires the Muslim artist when they write the words that inspire the world. Imam Jihad Saafir also discusses the role of the poets, the chapter "The Poets" as mentioned in the Qur'an, and the poets during the times of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The prolific Shaykha Iesha Prime, also chimes in on the topic, as well as sharing a poetic surprise with the audience! No where else have you seen these artists on one platform. No where else will you hear this in depth discussion on the Poets place in Islam. Be there to witness this unique Night of Power!!!

Featuring Shaykha Iesha Prime, Basheer Jones, Tone Trump, Quadir Lateef, Sukina Pilgrim, Baraka Blue, Amir Sulaiman, Brother Ali, Khalil Ismail, Drea D'nur, Alia Sharrief, Najmah53, Tasleem Jamila, Ain't Afraid, Mrs. Latifah, Kumasi, Tariq Toure, Youssef Kromah, Alkebulaun

Hosted by Omar Regan & Imam Jihad Saafir. (Aired on May 19th, 2020 9:30 PST 35K view worldwide)

Mufti Menk hits LA!.....Well, Virtually. By way of Zimbabwe, World-renowned scholar, Mufti Ismail Menk was the guest speaker at Islah LA's fundraiser presented by Halalywood Foundation. The virtual fundraiser featured Menk discussing the inspirational topic "Broken: Restoring Our Spiritual Connection". The event was hosted by Islah LA's president Imam Jihad Saafir, and co-hosted by Halalywood's own CEO/Founder, Omar Regan.

Over 1,000 people worldwide tuned into the program via Facebook Live, where after the lecture they were able to ask Menk questions. The successful virtual event was a fundraiser for Islah LA's community fund.

Check out Mufti Menk's talk on "Restoring Our Spiritual Connection" (on live May 09, 2020 9:30 PST)

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