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Halalywood Foundation Inc. is a global
501(c)(3) Art Charity Organization.
Art is therapeutic, inspires self-discovery,
emotional growth and self-healing.

It is for this reason, Halalywood Foundation

presents art as a vehicle to eradicate

hunger, poverty, racism, and discrimination.
Art is the global language connecting
cultures and inspiring communities.
Halalywood Foundation utilizes visual art,
multimedia, film, television, & comedy

to tell the stories that live within all of us.

Creating art ourselves, sparks every

individual to light up like children by

using our imagination, or witnessing it unfold.
Halalywood Foundation ignites the artists

in all of us, and art ignites life!

Halalywood Foundation is a global nonprofit art organization that exists to promote self-esteem, confidence, communication, community, and educational development among youth and adults on a global scale.  Halalywood’s goal, an acronym, L.A.U.G.H. (Love and Unite God’s Humanity), lives as a therapeutic reminder,and ethical goal. We aim to foster a cultural exchange through the arts with our youth, while fighting prejudice and discrimination in it’s early stages.

We also aim to assist in guiding people, especially young adults, to find themselves and their passions in life and most importantly keep them on the path of success. Youth lacking self-expression make poor decisions, while bottling up their emotions. Halalywood’s mission is to create an outlet of self-expression through the arts, while establishing a positive, creative environment for self and professional development.

We will serve as a film company providing the community with the opportunity to create and share original work through film productions. To assist the development of original writing and performance practices for youth using video, audio production. To serve as a resource for youth across the world to share their original scripts and narratives. To develop talent with our writing/ script, improve, acting and media workshops.

Our organization enriches the art community by providing a forum for the expression of original work by artists of a variety of backgrounds.

Halalywood Foundation believes if we can restore individuals with the power of love and laughter,

we can repair and rebuild our families and communities.

The corporation is organized and operated exclusively for educational, charitable purposes, ie. advancement of education, eliminating prejudice and discrimination; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or to any corresponding provision of any future federal tax law.

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