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Youth Workshops

Art Wins

Halalywood Foundation Inc. aims to assist in guiding young adults to find themselves and their passions in life, while most importantly keep them on the path of success. Youth lacking self-expression make poor decisions, while bottling up their emotions. Our mission is to create an outlet of self-expression through the arts, while establishing a positive, creative environment for self and professional development.  We will serve as a film company providing the community with the opportunity to create and share original work through film productions.  We will assist the development of original writing. and performance practices for youth using video/audio production. We will serve as a resource for youth across the world to share their original scripts and narratives. We also aim to develop talent with our writing/script, improv, acting and media workshops.


L.A.U.G.H -Love And Unite God's Humanity

Halalywood Foundation Inc. builds bridges:
Our team of qualified educators, that include a religious studies teacher, and a writing teacher, will teach youth chosen from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions ages  7-14 years old.
Students. will relay their stories about their culture and their. faith.  They will discuss. stereotypes

and misconceptions they've experienced.  Their stories will be documented as students learn narrative storytelling techniques.  These stories will become animated episodes or documentary episodes.

Our impact is understanding, tolerance and unity. Youth will complete the workshop being empowered and less likely to fall for propaganda , hate speech and misconceptions of others. Youth will also be learning key skills such as writing, acting, voice over, and narrative story telling. Building kind, informed, confident and empathic future leaders and creators.

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